Anti-Colonial Gestures with Analú Lopez

Episode 132


Feliz cuatro de julio raza! In this episode, LWL brings you an interview with Analú Lopez that is sure to wash away all those unwoke feelings of nationhood. Analú María López is a librarian, archivist, and photographer of Xi'úi (Pame) and Guachichil descent from Chichimec tribes of Mexico. Her job as a librarian in Chicago has allowed her to see how different forms of knowledge are shared amongst local indigenous communities and scholars alike. In this interview, Analú and Babelito talk about the difference between decolonizing the world and creating anti-colonial gestures. Also, Analú tells us about various ways in which indigenous knowledge available at her library can become a communal experience. Stay tuned till the end for Babelito's music recommendations and as always make sure to send your emails to and we might read them on a future episode. #podsincolor #supportbrownpodcasts #supportlatinxpodcasts #supportlatinxbands #lwlpod