New Year, Old Us

Episode 55

You guys know that FavyFav and Babelito are busy AF, and for that reason they are introducing a new format in which every other week they will simply catch up and guara guara la cuchara for a whole episode. To kick this new format, LWL talk about Los Globos de Oro, King Oprah's speech, white feminism, arepas, and a thousand forms to play Despacito. Also, they found a new excuse to talk about Cardie B by answering a comment from a listener. #SupportBrownPodcast #SupportLatinxPodcasts

Radio Lonchea 2017

Episode 54


In the great tradition of one of their favorite music podcasts, Radio Media, LWL record their music year in review episode! Favy Favela Perez and Babelito Valleti Flores talk about their new year's resolutions, reveal their favorite Latinx jams and their top album of 2017. From Buscabulla to Miguel, LWL put together a rollercoaster of a playlist that reflects the tumultuous and exciting year they had. #supportbrownpodcasts #supportlatinxpodcasts  

Que Show in 2017!?

Episode 53


We did it! What a year! FavyFav and Babelito get together and recount the years greatest moments starting from holiday times with their families to some of their favorite guests this year. They laugh, they cry and Favy might even be a little high. Make sure to stick around for the recommendations and to hear LWL's certified top podcasts of the year. We love our listeners thank you all for the support this past year!! #SupportBrownPodcasts #SupportLatinxPodcasts #BrownExcellence 

Yosimar Reyes

Episode 52


Yosimar Reyes joins us this week and we GET INTO IT! The nationally acclaimed poet, educator, performance artist and public speaker tells FavyFav and Babelito all about his one man show, his special relationship with his grandmother and the importance of being held accountable for the quality of the content we produce as artists, writers and cultural makers. Listen as Yosimar school us all on the importance of knowing our worth as artists and advices us to always demand equal pay and treatment in all that we do.

Live from Wellesley College

Episode 51


In this very first live episode of LWL, Irene Mata, Associate Professor in the department of Women's and Gender Studies at Wellesley College, talks about the problematic representations of Latinx people in popular U.S. visual culture. She describes how the myth of the American dream upholds our narratives as immigrants and border peoples and how Chicanx and Latinx cultural producers are constantly challenging those ideas. How is Moana different from the rest of Disney cartoons? Why is Selena, the movie, so problematic? Listen to Irene explain how she is helping students not internalize oppression to become better citizens of the world.


BONUS Episode



David B. Smith Gallery is proud to put forward the “Latinos Who Lunch” podcast for Untitled, Radio in Miami Beach. In a special segment catered specifically to Untitled, Miami Beach 2017, artist, curator and food writer FavyFav (Justin Favela) and co-host Babelito, curator and Ph.D. in Ibero-America colonial art history from the University of New Mexico, took over the airwaves, to discuss a range of topics related to art, pop culture, and identity politics. Today we will broadcast an episode recorded for this edition of the fair:


This episode will focus on the idea of nostalgia for one’s home country. On a recent trip to Miami, FavyFav recorded audio of Omar Lopez-Chahoud's mother talking about Cuba for artist Nina Paola Marin Diaz's documentary "Lo Que La Distancia No Borra."    #supportbrownpodcasts #untitledartfair

Coka y Greñas

Episode 50


With this episode, Latinos Who Lunch cierran el ciclo of Austin interviews con broche de oro! La Coka y el Greñas sit down with FavyFav and talk about their transition from Monterrey Mexico to TX. These par de tortolitos met in a party in Mexico and never looked back. El Greñas tells Favy the struggles of being a musician in a place like Austin while Coka talks about her art projects around town. Also, at the end of the episode you will hear Babelito interviewing his dear friend Fito from Tegucigalpa over the phone to discuss the political turmoil happening in Honduras, and the misconceptions about Latin America reflected in U.S. news outlets. Stay woke and stay informed!