Que Show?

Mordida 13

In this Mordida los muchachos de LWL catch up on how busy and hot their summers have been so far. FavyFav has been hanging out at Calle Ocho in Miami while Babelito has been working towards his Ph.D. in New Mexico. Favy also gives us an inside scoop on which queen is gonna make it to the final lipsync battle on Ru Paul's Drag Race season finale. Ya tu sabes!!!

The Interns

Episode 33

Pizza time! Jess Alvarez and Karla Lagunas join LWL to talk about the pressures of performing identity as two young brown artists from Las Vegas. They discuss the role higher education institutions play in their practice and they spill all the T on what kind of boss Favy is in his studio. Stay tuned to learn about Costco pizza and if Babelito got any chili peppers on rate my professor punto com. Pizza de lengua anyone?

Tia Julie

Mordida 12

For this Mordida, FavyFav sits with his Tia Julie to talk about chile verde con papas, her husband, his role in building Las Vegas and the reasons why life took her south of the border to Mexico. As an American living in Hermosillo, Julie gives us her views on the present political climate between both countries and tells us all about the best carne asada found in all of Sonora.

Guilty Pleasures

Episode 32

FavyFav and Babelito share their guilty pleasures and it was LIBERATING! They confess their love for Marranold's, minimalist art, daytime tv shows, and even more embarrassing things. Prepare to hear the best Mean Girls related story and to get all the latest RuPaul's Drag Race T. Listen... it was late, they were tired and Chicken McNuggets can have strange effects on the body.  #CutiePatootie

All About Valentina

Mordida 11

This week Favy calls Babelito to talk about Valentina's time on RuPaul's Drag Race.  They get into the lip sync debacle, Chicanx  mis/represention on reality tv and toothpaste. In addition, they discuss the importance of Valentina for la raza Mexicana, and her refreshing novel diva aesthetic. Category is... Virgen de Guadalupe Couture!

RuPaul's DragCon

Episode 31


LWL went to RuPaul's DragCon...asi que preparense! FavyFav and Babelito talk about their experience moderating the panel "The Art of Resistance," gush over Sasha Velour, discuss Latinx representation at the DragCon and spill all the té about the weekend. Listen in as they meet some of their favorite drag queens like Dida Ritz, Jaymes Mansfield, Derrick Barry, Jessica Wild and Yara Sofia....as well as some of the artists from Culture Strike! #EscandaloDePulseras #CanIGetAnAleyluyaAmenUpInHere

Anniversary Numero Uno!

Mordida 10

It has been one year y estamos de puro pinche pari! To celebrate, we dug into the LWL archives and found our very first recording. Listen as we practice our opening intro mientras nos cagamos de la risa. Thank you to all our sister Latinx podcasts and to all of those who have supported us from the very beginning. We made it!!! #supportbrownpodcasts