Our Fave, FavyFav! (Brought to you by Grizzly Kiki)

Episode 128

Justin-Favela .jpg

This week we bring a special episode brought to you by the podcast Grizzly Kiki!

Your FAVY Could Never!

On this episode, we KiKi with FavyFav (aka Justin Favela), a Las Vegas-based artist & co-host of the Latinos Who Lunch podcast. The inspiration for Favy's large-scale installation pieces are drawn from his own Latino roots, as well as popular culture. Employing tissue paper & cardboard as his principle media, he often takes over entire gallery spaces. His first installation in New York is entitled "Recuerdame," and will open at the Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling on October 17.

During our KiKi with Favy, we chatted about his Las Vegas Roots; his unique form of artistic expression; the origins of Latinos Who Lunch; the problematic nature of our theme song, "Fat Fish"; and much more!