Latinos Who Lunch is a podcast with FavyFav and Babelito. Join them as they engage in conversations about everything from pop culture to art and identity politics. 

Favy Fav

FavyFav is a Las Vegas native and an artist working in the mediums of painting, sculpture, and performance. He is also a curator, food writer, and avid podcast listener. He has participated in exhibitions in Nevada and across the United States. Las Vegas venues include the Contemporary Arts Center and the Clark County Government Center. His work draws from art history, popular culture and his Guatemalan/Mexican heritage. Favy has curated many shows throughout southern Nevada, from UNLV's Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art to El Porvenir Mini-Market in North Las Vegas. When Favy is not in the studio, he is probably watching TV on the internet or listening to podcasts. To view Favy's work please visit, justinfavela.net, or check out our News and Updates section below for upcoming exhibitions in a city near you.(En Español)



Babelito is a Curator and a Doctoral Candidate in Ibero-America colonial art history from the University of New Mexico. He is a music lover, a Café Tacvba fan and a music festival junky. Since 2007 he has explored themes of violence, identity, race and class difference in colonial Latin American art. He has presented his work in the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) in 2012 and the College of Art Association and American Studies Association in 2015. He has curated art exhibitions for Museo de Arte Religioso Ex-Convento de Santa Mónica in Puebla México, the Mexican Consulate in Las Vegas and for the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). Currently, Babelito is finishing his Ph.D thesis work and is constantly contributing to the education programs of Arquetopia, Foundation for Development in Puebla and Oaxaca Mexico.(En Español)

Photo by Krystal Ramirez

News & Updates

Family Fiesta: Denver Art Museum

Saturday, June 3 | 1pm - 3pm | Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum presents “Family Fiesta” hosted by Mi Tierra artist Justin Favela (FavyFav).

"Family Fiesta" will consist of the artist’s family, food, drinks, and music. In this performance, the public is encouraged to participate in the celebration firsthand by engaging in games, dances, music, cuisine, and piñata time—all put on by Justin and his family.

In "Family Fiesta" the event is taken out of its traditional context (a cookout in a backyard or a park) to unconventional locations, seeking to highlight people’s expectations of a fiesta and, at the same time, dismantling notions of location and institutional inclusion.

Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore place

February 19th to October 22 | Denver Art Museum

Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place features site-specific installations by 13 Latino artists that express experiences of contemporary life in the American West. Energizing and vibrant artwork is presented by Carmen Argote (Los Angeles), Jaime Carrejo (Denver), Gabriel Dawe (Dallas), Claudio Dicochea (San Antonio), Daniela Edburg (San Miguel de Allende), Justin Favela (Las Vegas), Ana Teresa Fernández (San Francisco), Ramiro Gomez (West Hollywood), John Jota Leaños (San Francisco), Dmitri Obergfell (Denver), Ruben Ochoa (Los Angeles), Daisy Quezada (Santa Fe), and Xochi Solis (Austin).

These artists examine diverse narratives of migration and the complex layering of cultures throughout the Western United States through ideas related to labor, nostalgia, memory, visibility, and displacement. Installations incorporate mixed media, performance-based video art, digital animation, fiber constructions, painting, sculpture, and ceramics.

On exhibit

Under the title CONTEXTUS, the Museo de Arte Religioso Ex-Convento de Santa Mónica in Puebla, Mexico developed a series of exhibits that aim to highlight the “philosophical and theological transformations in Europe and the Americas.” With this ideological thread in mind, Babelito curated “El Martirio de los Apóstoles. La violencia pictórica en la pintura novohispana.”


"Cafe Con Pam - Episode 29: Latinos Who Lunch"

May 11, 2017 by Cafe Con Pam



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