Michael Anthony Garcia

Episode 47

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Y que sigan las entrevistas! This week we take you back to Austin and talk to our friend Michael Anthony Garcia. Michael talks about his awesome work with Chicanx art and artists in Austin, he reveals his coming out story as a Mexican Vegan, and tells us all about his performance art. Also, LWL catch up with their crazy schedule and read a listener's letter. They get into micro and macro aggressions in the workplace and the struggle to resist when we depend on our jobs. Is there are right way to deal with these situations without getting fired? Find out how FavyFav and Babelito have dealt with racists dumbfucks in the past.

Pensando en Tejas

Episode 46


La Xochi came through again! As a member of Chulita Vinyl Club's Austin chapter, Xochi Solis, together with her husband George Pasterk have amassed an incredible collection of Tejano music and in this very special episode they curated a playlist for LWL listeners. From Flaco Jiménez to Selena, this playlist tilted “Pensando en Tejas” is a mix of all Tejanx artists and/or Texas record labels taken from George and Xochi’s vinyl collection. If you listened to last week’s episode, you will recognize some of the musicians featured in this badass list. Take it away...VAMONOS!!!


1. Los Chachos

Coco de María-Los Chachos

Guerra Company Productions

San Antonio TX.



2. Alfonso Ramos and his Orchestra

Ay! Me Duele 7" single

Capri Records Dallas TX circa



3. Los Sonidos de Sabor

Ritmo de Sabor, 7" single

Sabor Records, El Paso TX.

date unknown


4. The Latinglows

Proud Mary-Tu Recuerdo,

Buena Suerte Records

Temple TX. circ. 1974


5. Sunny and the Sunliners

Put Me in Jail-Mr. Brown Eyed Soul (Compilation -72)

Big Crown Records, Brooklyn NY.



6. Freddy Fender

Mi Rancho Grande-Before the Next Teardrop Falls

ABC Records, NY NY.



7. Netty & Jesús Rodríguez

Cabreastea o se Ahorco

 [San Antonio TX circ. 1938]


Una Historia de La Musica de la Frontera: Vol. 14: The Chicano

 Experience, Folklyric Records (Arhoolie Records), El Cerrito CA.



8. Los Truenos de Tejas

Pensando en Tejas, 7" single

Hacienda Records, Corpus Cristi TX.



9. Las Tejanitas

De Ardor, 7" single

Colonial Records, Los Angeles CA.

date unknown


10. Flaco Jiménez y su Conjunto

Victoria, 7" single

Dina Records, San Antonio TX.



11. Estrella

La Única Estrella, 7" single

Joey Records, San Antonio TX.



12. Nick Villarreal

La I Gotta Go, 7" single

Dina Records, San Antonio TX.



13. La Fabrica Musical

Cuatro Milpas-Flor Morena

Real Records, San Antonio TX.



14. Jimmy Edward

Only You (Solo Tú), 7" single,

Wildwood Music, San Antonio TX.



15. Grupo Segundo Barrio

Lindo Cariñito, 7" single

FM Records, El Paso TX.

date unknown 


16. Selena

 La Carcacha-Ones (Compilation)

Capitol Records, Los Angeles, CA.


Xochi and George

Episode 45


Back in September, Babelito and Favy were in Austin, Texas and got to hang with their friends Xochi Solis and George Pasterk. From Chulita Vinyl Club to the Denver art Museum, and from Church of the Friendly Ghost to Mass art collective, these two have been making waves in the Austin art world for years now. George and Xochi discussed the violent gentrification of Austin and the role of art spaces in erasing and preserving the brown sanctuaries of the city. Also in this episode, they tell us all about the importance of Tejano culture, music and food and the role that identity has played in their artistic practice. #buildyourowncanon

Favy Does Dallas

Episode 44


In this episode, los batos de LWL catch up over some fake ass sushi and discuss the need for art spaces to include latinx artists for being talented and not just to perform their identity. Also, Favy spent a whole month in TX and, as always, he gathered all kids of beatuiful brown media content creators from the area. He talked to the people from De Colores Radio, Yvonne Marquez from Auto Straddle, and interviewed Fried Papita and Myte Panda from Cabronas y Chingnonas. In this last interview, Favy gets intimate with these badass ladies, discussed the content of their show, and the importance of creating visibility for the queer and latinx community. #chookth 

Julio Salgado

Episode 43

photo by Jesus Iniguez

photo by Jesus Iniguez


Let's get it poppin'! In this hilarious episode FavyFav and Babelito chat with their comadre Julio Salgado about his artwork, drag queens, Jenni Rivera, gorditas, and Latinx visibility in popular media! From his "Undocumented and Awkward" Youtube, series to his digital work in Culture Strike, Julio has been producing art that comments on the realities and ironies of being undocumented in the U.S. Julio also tells LWL why he titles his lectures "I'm an artist of color and I'm still alive" and the need for POC cultural makers to claim their own greatness.

Meli Earth

Episode 42


Respira projundo... This week FavyFav and Babelito slow down, take a breath and take the to time to talk to their favorite landscape designer, Melissa Gonzalez. They discuss the integrity of trees in the desert, creating your own garden sanctuary, starting your own business, helping pollinators, and the importance of keeping your energy positive and balanced. In a world that seems chaotic, Melissa's wisdom could not have come at a better time. #latinx #mentalhealth #bees

Vegas Strong

Mordida 19


This week Babelito and FavyFav talk about the terrorist attack on the Las Vegas Strip. They discuss their feelings about the tragedy, the social media frenzy and the way the media shapes our perception of white terrorism. Latinos Who Lunch also get into the love they have for their city and the ways you can help the victims and families affected by the shooting. Viva Las Vegas! #VegasStrong

The Youths

Episode 41


This week Latinos Who Lunch are joined by FavyFav's younger cousins, Aliah (age 13) and Angel II (Age 12). They talk about growing up in Las Vegas, politics, ketchup and much much more!

This family friendly episode is brought to you by Nevada Humanities and The Neon Museum. To sign up for the tour mentioned in this episode follow the link below: