Mordida 18

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Last weekend Babelito joined FavyFav in Austin, Texas and met up with an amazing group of listeners! In this Mordida, you'll hear a conversation between LWL, Ana Vargas from Sobremesa Podcast and Miguel Cruz who traveled all the way from Dallas to attend the event! Listen in as the talk about music festivals, their favorite taco spots and... being a Mexican vegan!?

Listener Letters III

Episode 40


Babelito and FavyFav dedicate an entire episode to their listeners. That's right!!! It's another listener letter episode! As LWL grows, so does the awesome community around them. This episode is for all of the listeners who opened up and shared their amazing stories!  The boys answer some important questions like: What does guara gurara la cuchara mean? Is grad school for you? Is Starbucks playing Mexicans with cinnamon latte drinks? Stay tuned to find out and keep those letters coming!!!! 

Yvette Mayorga

Mordida 17


¡NO POS WOW! For this Mordida minisode, FavyFav and Babelito call Chicago artist Yvette Mayorga. They talk about her upcoming exhibitions, the Baroque, Nike Cortez history and spending time in Miami with Favy. Check out our friend's work at yvettemayorga.com and don't miss her work at Expo Chicago, September 13-17. #chicana #latinx#chicago

Not My Monument

Episode 39


You wanna talk about monuments!? Well guess what, Mimi...WE DID! This week FavyFav and Babelito discuss the terrorist attack in Charlottesville through a conversation surrounding the history of monuments and their function in society. From statues of Christopher Columbus in Puerto Rico, to university mascots around the country, monuments preserve a very selective history that must be challenged. All white supremacists monuments must fall!!!


LWL on Morado Lens Podcast

Bonus Episode


For this very special bonus episode, LWL rebroadcast their guest-spot on Morado Lens, one of their favorite Latinx podcasts. Cindy and Nat created a platform to share real and sometimes taboo conversations with their Latinx and fellow Bruja audience. Las chicas de Morado engage in a very interesting discussion with FavyFavy and Babelito about cultural appropriation, faux-woke culture, and the importance of recording their podcasts face to face. LWL confront the rise and fall of their inner brujos and ponder the inclusion of ketchup in ceviche. 

Rudy Bleu

Episode 38

Rudy Bleu has been creating spaces for the queer punk Latinx youth in Cali for many years, and after some bomb tacos he sits with LWL to talk about his legacy in the City of Angels. They talk about T-Parties, SCUM, zines, and Chicanx representation in large spaces such as RuPaul's DragCon. As Favy wakes up form his taco induced coma, and Babelito ponders his future as a DJ, Rudy tells us about the first time he met Morrisey, his love for Los Bukis, and recommends some amazing music. Te queremos! Rudy te queremos!!!

Nueva Yorkz

Mordida 16

El Favy no se cansa de viajar and in this Mordida he shares his adventures in la manzanota, aka Nueva Yorkz, with Babelito. Y aprovechando la vuelta, he interviewed the fabulous Richard Villegas from Songmess podcast. The stars aligned and during the same weekend Favy met LWL podcast primas; Las brujas de Morado Lens and las chicas of Unravel: A Fashion Podcast. The NYC Latinx kiki was too real and magical!!!

Maria Elena Ortiz

Episode 37

This week Favy chats with art curator Maria Elena Ortiz from the Perez Art Museum in Miami. They talk about Latinx identity, "pigmentocracy," the Real Houswives and much much more!